<html> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=shift_jis"> <meta http-equiv="Content-Style-Type" content="text/css"> <meta http-equiv="Content-Script-Type" content="text/javascript"> <meta name="author" content="Kazuyuki Yamada"> <meta name="generater" content="notepad"> <title>Bulletin of the Biogeographical Society of Japan Vol. 36, 1981</title> <link rel="stylesheet" href="../detail.css" type="text/css"> </head> <body> <h1><a name="top"></a>e,guir0Wtf[OO1X Vol. 36</h1> <h2>30 Dec 1981</h2> <h3>Bulletin of the Biogeographical Society of Japan</h3> <h4>\0uL_NΐZSX_S<br> Special Number in Memory of Dr. Yaichiro Okada</h4> <hr> <div class="refer"> <p class="term"><br> zv Rn0<br> r}J00s0QwƖ<br> \0uL_Nΐeutk. <b class="hidden">e,guir0Wtf[OO1X, 36: </b> i-ii.<br> \0uL_Nΐmi>~v2 (1914-1966). <b class="hidden">e,guir0Wtf[OO1X, 36: </b> iii-xiv.</p> <p class="term"><a name="gamo"></a><strong>Gamo, Sigeo</strong><b class="hidden">, 1981, </b><br> <i>Metahuntemannia micracantha</i> sp. nov., a new abyssal harpacticoid copepod (Crustacea) from east of the Mariana Trench. <b class="hidden">e,guir0Wtf[OO1X, 36: </b> 1-7.</p> <p class="term"><a name="takeda1"></a><strong>Takeda, Masatsune</strong><b class="hidden">, 1981, </b><br> A new hermit crab of the genus <i>Porcellanopagurus</i> from the Ogasawara Islands. <b class="hidden">e,guir0Wtf[OO1X, 36: </b> 8-13.</p> <p class="term"><a name="takeda2"></a><strong>Takeda, Masatsune and Yichi Tamura</strong><b class="hidden">, 1981, </b><br> Coral-inhabiting crabs of the family Hapalocarcinidae from Japan. VIII. Genus <i>Pseudocryptochirus</i> and two new genera. <b class="hidden">e,guir0Wtf[OO1X, 36: </b> 14-27, pls.I-IV.</p> <p class="term"><a name="aoki"></a><strong>Aoki, Jun-ichi</strong><b class="hidden">, 1981, </b><br> Discovery of the second species of the genus <i>Nippobodes</i> from Ohsumi Islands (Acari: oribatei). <b class="hidden">e,guir0Wtf[OO1X, 36: </b> 29-33.</p> <p class="term"><a name="matsumoto"></a><strong>~g,g l</strong><b class="hidden">, 1981, </b><br> e,ge2.z <i>Phlegra fasciata</i> (Hahn, 1826) (Araneida, Salticidae) n0 . <b class="hidden">e,guir0Wtf[OO1X, 36: </b> 34-38.</p> <p class="term"><a name="yaginuma"></a><strong>kQ(gl eP+Y</strong><b class="hidden">, 1981, </b><br> N#}R^0Y0000pe.zk0d0D0f0. <b class="hidden">e,guir0Wtf[OO1X, 36: </b> 39-47.</p> <p class="term"><a name="nagata"></a><strong>w0u T0] ZSS0yS ON</strong><b class="hidden">, 1981, </b><br> S wY0`lg0cƖU00_00000000k0d0D0f0. <b class="hidden">e,guir0Wtf[OO1X, 36: </b> 48-53.</p> <p class="term"><a name="kubota"></a><strong>ENO0u zfim0z ⌌N0 </strong><b class="hidden">, 1981, </b><br> 0L0Vk0J0Q00 <i>Cottus hangiongensis</i> Mori n0R^WSPk0d0D0f0. <b class="hidden">e,guir0Wtf[OO1X, 36: </b> 54-60.</p> <p class="term"><a name="katayama"></a><strong>Katayama, Masao and Hajime Masuda</strong><b class="hidden">, 1981, </b><br> Records of six anthiine fishes obtained from the Palau Islands. <b class="hidden">e,guir0Wtf[OO1X, 36: </b> 61-72.</p> <p class="term"><a name="sasajima"></a><strong>9{\ [9j0!n ckĖ</strong><b class="hidden">, 1981, </b><br> 00000h00000n0e,guir0Wtf[OO1X, 36: </b> 73-92. <!-- p.78-79 k= --></p> <p class="term"><a name="honma"></a><strong>,g l0S ePf_</strong><b class="hidden">, 1981, </b><br> e_o0PO!nяwmk0J0Q00wm#uTsN^n0R^h0_Bfn02. <b class="hidden">e,guir0Wtf[OO1X, 36: </b> 93-101.</p> <p class="term"><a name="watanabe"></a><strong>Watanabe, Masao</strong><b class="hidden">, 1981, </b><br> Supplements to Fauna Japonica, Cottidae (1960). <b class="hidden">e,guir0Wtf[OO1X, 36: </b> 102-131.</p> <p class="term"><br> }Ɩ_. <b class="hidden">e,guir0Wtf[OO1X, 36: </b> 132.<br> e,guir0Wtf[OQHr֊ev2 (1928-1981). <b class="hidden">e,guir0Wtf[OO1X, 36: </b> D2 p.1-22.</p> </div> </body> </html>